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Numbers stations have long intrigued and puzzled shortwave listeners. Very little was known about these stations, about their origin, operators or schedules. Apart from the individual efforts of people like America's "Havana Moon" and England's Simon Mason, there was also very little written about these stations.

In 1993 The European Numbers Information Gathering and Monitoring Association, ENIGMA, was formed by UK monitor Chris Midgley. Over the next seven years ENIGMA monitored and examined the stations, and established a system which allowed listeners to identify both voice and Morse numbers stations, categorising stations with both individual identifiers and, where the same organisation was identified, into family groupings.

  • Read a short history of   ENIGMA.

Following the unfortunate demise of ENIGMA, a new group was formed and continues the work of ENIGMA. This group is called ENIGMA 2000.

ENIGMA 2000 is a UK based online group, whose aims are to bring together listeners and enthusiasts who monitor and gather information on 'Number Stations' and other related radio transmissions. Here monitors can share their logs, discuss frequencies, thoughts and opinions on this most emotive subject.

ENIGMA 2000 maintains the ENIGMA Control List, the definitive listing of number station identification.

ENIGMA 2000 produces a two-monthly newsletter giving details of frequencies of current stations and provides quality information on subjects not normally available from main-stream publications.

The ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter can be downloaded from the ENIGMA 2000 Website. Members can also download it via the "Files" section of the ENIGMA 2000 Groupsite.

The ENIGMA 2000 groupsite also offers written guides to finding and identifying stations complemented with a currect selection of sound sample clips.

© All items posted on the ENIGMA 2000 website & within their newsletters remain the property of the individual authors & ENIGMA 2000, are copyright & cannot be used elsewhere without the express permission of ENIGMA 2000.

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